Reliability Specialist/Advisor

Peter de Place Rimmen

Reliability Specialist/Advisor

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It has always been my goal to have Denmark as number one in Robustness and Reliability.

I have struggled to ensure, that the methods used fits the physics, the statistics and they must be understandable to all.

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Areas of Expertise

Peter de Place Rimmen is today Reliability Advisor/Consult at Rimmen Reliability Consult ApS.

Peter has worked as senior /chief specialist with practical approach implementing Reliability I R&D’s during the last 32 years.

Danfoss Drives 2009-2019,

Vestas 2004 to 2009,

Grundfos 1997 to 2004 and

Bang & Olufsen 1988 to 1997.

Before involving in Reliability he had careers at B&O as Constructor, Test engineer, Plant manager and Project manager.

Peter had for some time participated in IEC dependability group.

Peter had trained Nokia R&D and Vestas R&D people around the world in “Design for Quality and Reliability” together with Nokia (3-days Course) from 2007 to 2009. (18 courses)

Peter is still participating in CORPE “Centre of Reliable Power Electronics” at Aalborg University.

Participating in ZVEI “facts sheets group” since 2011  group closed 2013

In 2001 initiated the Danish Six Sigma ERFA‐group, (member until 2017). subgroup of FAST (.Danish Society for Applied Statistics).

Peter holds 1½ patent for Vestas concern Lifetime improvement by thermal control improvements, and he has filled and applied 3 patents for Danfoss concern “Dehumidifier for enclosures” and “Monitoring device usage for stress in the field”.

Done Tutorials at ESREF conferences together with professores from AaU as a part of CORPE.

Focus on the physics.

-  2007-2009 Reliability alignment for CEES,

-  Participating in CORPE at AaU.
    Centre of Reliable Power Electronics

-  Teaching PhD in Reliability since 2013 at
    AaU  Dep. Energy Technology

-  Teaching 2th Master Class (2014) at AaU and
    (2015 & 16) at SDU

-  Participating ZVEI Fact-sheets group for
    Robustness Validation
since 2011.
    ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und
    Elektronikindustrie e.V.

-  Course instructor of ECPE Tutorial on
     ECPE European Center for Power Electronics.

-  Member of the Danish Reliability group
    (SPM-6) since 1988 to 2018

-  Initiated in 2001 and member of the Danish
    Six Sigma ERFA-group, subgroup of  FAST.
     The Danish Society for Applied Statistics.

Peter Rimmen

The "Rimmen model" from 1997

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